Since the late eighties until the early 2000’s numerous young women have disappeared along a 725 Kilometer section of Highway 16 west, from Prince George BC to Prince Rupert BC. In 2007 the RCMP established the E-PANA investigative unit to investigate the missing and murdered women. The RCMP then expanded the area into a 1500 Kilometer range of Highway 16 east & west and Highways 97 North and South and the timeline was extended to the early 70’s. The victims were predominately made up of indigenous women with some exceptions. None of these cases have been solved. Since 2007 there have been no new cases attributed to the “Highway of Tears” however the investigation continues.

The Highway of Tears is a stretch of highway in northern British Columbia, Canada, that has gained national attention due to the disproportionately high number of women and girls who have gone missing or been murdered along the highway. The route runs for approximately 720 km (450 mi) between Prince George and Prince Rupert, and is the only major highway through the sparsely populated area.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), since the 1970s, at least 18 women and girls, most of whom were Indigenous, have been murdered or gone missing along the highway. However, Indigenous activists and community members believe that the actual number is much higher and could be closer to 50. Despite the alarming rate of disappearances and murders, the Canadian government has been criticized for not taking the issue seriously and not doing enough to address the crisis.

One of the reasons why the Highway of Tears has become such a dangerous area is due to the lack of public transportation in the region. The highway is the only way to access many of the rural communities along the route, and many people, especially women and girls, have no choice but to hitchhike to get to work, school, or other destinations. This puts them at risk of being picked up by dangerous individuals who have been known to prey on vulnerable women and girls.

Another contributing factor to the high number of murders and disappearances is the issue of systemic racism and violence against Indigenous women and girls. Many of the victims were Indigenous, and the RCMP has been criticized for not taking their disappearances seriously and not investigating them properly. In addition, Indigenous women and girls are more likely to experience poverty, homelessness, and addiction, which make them more vulnerable to violence and exploitation.

In recent years, there have been efforts to address the issue of violence against Indigenous women and girls along the Highway of Tears. In 2016, the Canadian government launched a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, which produced a report that called for sweeping changes to address the crisis. The report recommended measures such as increasing the number of Indigenous police officers, providing more support for families of victims, and implementing an action plan to address the root causes of violence against Indigenous women and girls.

In conclusion, the Highway of Tears has become a symbol of the ongoing crisis of violence against Indigenous women and girls in Canada. The high number of murders and disappearances is a tragic reminder of the systemic racism and violence that Indigenous people have faced in Canada for centuries. It is important for the Canadian government to take concrete actions to address the issue, including implementing the recommendations from the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Only by taking decisive action can we hope to end the violence and create a safer future for all Indigenous women and girls in Canada.

Here is a list of women who have been murdered and/or disappeared along the Highway of Tears.

E-PANA Highway of Tears Timeline of Victims

The timeline of victims are only those considered by the RCMP. A more extensive list appears after the timeline. A number of these victim are along the highway 16 corridor, but not all.

Gloria Moody
27 Williams Lake 1969
Gloria Moody was a 27-year-old mother from the Bella Coola Indian Reserve of the Nuxalk Nation in British Columbia. Moody had been travelling with family on a weekend road trip on October 25, 1969. A day later her body was found by hunters on a cattle trail approximately 10 km west of Williams Lake. Local media reports say she bled to death after being beaten and sexually assaulted. Project E-Pana, a task force investigating disappearances and deaths along Highways 16, 97, and 5 in northern BC, is investigating the homicide case. Moody’s is the oldest case on Project E-Pana.
Tracey Clifton
? Prince Rupert 1970–1979
The exact date of her disappearance is unknown. She was last seen leaving her home and walking down Highway 16 after an argument with her mother.
Helen Claire Frost
17 Prince George 1970 (October)
Left her home in downtown Prince George on the evening of 13 October 1970 and was never seen again.
 She was living with her sister, Sandy, at the time in an apartment on the 1600 block of Queensway. Helen worked a number of jobs around this time, including a bus person at the Prince George HBC cafeteria and for a painting company, painting gas stations between Prince George and Terrace. Sandy did not report her sister missing until 15 October, thinking at first she might have stayed at a friend’s house. Police took a missing persons report, but Sandy said she got the impression that “nothing was done.”
Jean Virginia “Ginny” Sampare
18 Gitsegukla 1971 (October)
Ginny Sampare went missing on 14 October 1971. Her cousin Alvin was the last person to see her near a bridge on Highway 16 in Gitsegukla. He left Ginny to bike home and get his jacket. As he pedaled back to meet her, he heard a pickup door slam. But when he reached the road, there was no pickup, and his cousin was gone.
 There was some speculation that Ginny ran away or committed suicide after her boyfriend disappeared, but her family disputes these theories. Her boyfriend’s body was found drowned in the Skeena river after she disappeared.
Monica Ignas
14 Thornhill 1974 (December)
She was believed to be going home from school when she was last seen at 11 pm on 13 December 1974 in Thornhill. She was walking home alone. Her body was found in a gravel pit or a densely forested area on 6 April 1975, east of Terrace, near Celgar Forest Service Road. Two witnesses reported seeing a car pulled over to the side of the road the night Ignas vanished. The pair saw a man and a passenger who looked like a girl inside the vehicle.
 Monica had been strangled.
Mary Jane Hill
31 Prince Rupert 1978 (March)
Mary Jane Hill was found nude along Highway 16, on 26 March 1978, 34 km (21 mi) from Prince Rupert. Cause of death was determined to be from bronchitis and bronchopneumonia as a result of manslaughter.
Doreen Jack
26 Prince George 1989 (August)
The Jack family left their home on Strathcona Avenue in Prince George, heading to a logging camp, where they had been offered jobs and daycare for the children. Ronald and Doreen Jack and their two children Russell, 9, and Ryan, 4, were last heard from during the early hours of 2 August 1989, when Ronald called his mother in the Burns Lake area.
Alberta Gail Williams
24 Prince Rupert 1989 (August)
Alberta Williams went missing in the early morning hours of 26 August 1989. She was last seen at Popeye’s, a since closed pub in downtown Prince Rupert. She was seen near closing time by her sister Claudia.
 Alberta said she was going to a house party. Claudia turned around and Alberta had gone. Alberta was last seen wearing a blue sweatshirt and black stretch pants with slip-on shoes. Alberta’s naked body was found on 25 Sept. 1989, about 37 km (23 mi) east of Prince Rupert, BC, near the Tyee Overpass. She had been strangled and sexually assaulted.
 According to the field notes of RCMP officer, Gerry Kerr, on September 12, shortly before Alberta’s body was found, bloody clothes resembling the ones she wore the night that she went missing were found near the ferry terminal in Prince Rupert. Among the items, a blue sweater, slipper-type shoe, a jumpsuit, a pillow case, two pillow covers, a sock, a shoelace and a crumpled up piece of paper were found as well. The clothes appeared to be tossed in the bush. These clothes were seized but likely destroyed by the RCMP, as Gary said that RCMP indicated it wasn’t related to Alberta Williams’s disappearance. There is a strong possibility that the RCMP didn’t take the evidence seriously because Williams’ body had not yet been found.
 A 2006 article indicated that the family wanted Alberta to remain off the “RCMP Highway of Tears list”.
 Alberta was placed on the RCMP’s E-Pana list, possibly against the family’s wishes.
Cecilia Anne Nikal
15 Smithers 1989 (October)
Cecilia Nikal was last seen in October 1989, a year before her cousin Delphine Nikal went missing. Reports of her last known location vary. She was last reported in Smithers, near Highway 16,
 but family reports she may have moved to Vancouver Island
 and RCMP reported her last in Vancouver, but can not confirm with family.
 Cecilia also had a cousin, Roberta Cecilia Nikal, who was murdered a few years after Delphine disappeared.
Kimberly Dumais
Infant Prince Rupert 1990 (February)
On 5 February 1990, at approximately 5:15 AM, Prince Rupert fire crews were called to a fire at 153 3rd Ave West, the Brooks Bank Building. When they arrived, the building was engulfed in flames. Four people died in the blaze, including infant Kimberly Dumais (granddaughter), Helga Rochon (grandmother), Sherri Rochon (daughter) and Pauline Rochon (daughter). At the time, Helga was hosting her daughters and granddaughter in her third floor apartment for an overnight visit. Law enforcement determined that the blaze was set deliberately, and that this was the second time in a few months that a blaze was set deliberately to this building. On 31 October 1989, at approximately 2:45 AM, the same building was set on fire where the cause of the fire was also determined to be deliberate. Years later, the family received a letter from an anonymous source claiming to be responsible for the arson. The RCMP is not ruling out that this was a targeted attack. There was a business on the ground floor of the apartment, The Linen Closet, owned by Gina Garon, which never re-opened.
Helga Rochon
45 Prince Rupert 1990 (February)
Died in same blaze that claimed lives of Kimberly Dumais, Sherri Rochon and Pauline Rochon.
Sherri Rochon
26 Prince Rupert 1990 (February)
Died in same blaze that claimed lives of Kimberly Dumais, Helga Rochon and Pauline Rochon.
Pauline Rochon
19 Prince Rupert 1990 (February)
Died in same blaze that claimed lives of Kimberly Dumais, Helga Rochon and Sherri Rochon.
Delphine Anne Camelia Nikal
15 Smithers 1990 (June)
Delphine Nikal vanished on 13 June 1990. She was last seen hitchhiking along Highway 16 and King Street on her way home to Telkwa, BC 
 At approx. 10:00 pm, Delphine called her uncle to tell him that she was on her way home from Smithers. She was last seen by her two friends hitchhiking in the east bound lane of Highway 16.
 Delphine went missing about a year after her cousin Cicilia went missing. Delphine also had a cousin, Roberta Cicilia Nikal, who was murdered a few years after Delphine disappeared.
Ramona Lisa Wilson
16 Smithers 1994(June)
She was hitchhiking from Smithers to attend a dance and stay with friends in Hazelton, BC on 1 June 1994. Ramona’s remains were found April 1995 north of Yellich Road near the Smithers Airport. Several items were in a small organized pile a few feet away.Other objects nearby included a half-buried small section of rope, three interlocking nylon ties and a small pink “brass knuckles” type water pistol
Roxanne Thiara
15 Burns Lake 1994(July)
  She went missing in Prince George on the July long weekend in 1994. She had worked as a sex worker and told a friend she was going out with a customer. She walked around the corner of a building and was never heard from again. Her body was found 17 August 1994, in the bush along Highway 16, 6 km (3.7 mi) east of Burns Lake. She knew victim Alisha Germaine
Alisha ‘Leah’ Germaine
15 Prince George 1994 (December)
She was found murdered on 9 December 1994, behind Haldi Road Elementary School off of Highway 16 W. outside of Prince George. Leah was stabbed to death. She knew victim Roxanne Thiara
Sheila Faye Kinequon
25 Prince George 1995 (April)
Sheila’s body was discovered on 5 April 1995, along with the body of her daughter Christine, in their McIntyre crescent apartment. They had been strangled. Sheila was a student at the College of New Caledonia. Sheila was the estranged common law wife of John Joseph Seymour. The body of John Joseph Seymour, 26, was discovered the same day as the bodies of his estranged common law wife and daughter under the Alex Fraser bridge in Delta. His body was found 15 meters under the bridge on a dirt parking lot.
Christine Kinequon
3 Prince George 1995 (April)
Strangled body found 5 April 1995 along with that of her mother Sheila in their Prince George apartment. Was the daughter of John Joseph Seymour. The body of John Joseph Seymour, 26, was discovered the same day as the bodies of his estranged common law wife and daughter under the Alex Fraser bridge in Delta. His body was found 15 meters under the bridge on a dirt parking lot.
Lana Derrick
19 Thornhill 1995 (October)
She was last seen in October 1995 at a service station in Thornhill. One rumor said she got into the car with two unidentified men.
Monica McKay
18 Prince Rupert 1999 (December)
McKay was last seen by friends before midnight 31 December 1999. She was reported missing two days later by family when she didn’t return home. Her body was discovered on 8 January 2000, by a passerby.
 McKay’s body was dumped beside a dumpster. Even though this case meets the criteria for E-Pana, RCMP reported that they had no reason to believe this was connected to the Highway of Tears cases. Const. Mike Herchuck of Prince George RCMP stated “When you get the volume of kids we have missing – especially those that are turning up dead, or sexually abused, or kidnapped and tortured, you can’t help but want to connect the dots.” No suspects have been charged to date. 
Ada Elaine Brown
39 Prince George 2001 (April)
Body found on 9 April 2001 in a hotel room in Prince George. According to the CBC, the coroner’s report lists the cause of death as a “subdural hemorrhage
 and complications of alcoholism”. The family believes she was assaulted and killed by a man she knew.
Nicole Hoar
24 Prince George 2002 (June)
Nicole Hoar was last seen hitchhiking to Smithers. Originally from Red Deer, Alberta, Nicole was last seen at a gas station at 5952 Gauthier Road, west of Prince George, on 21 June 2002 at approximately 14:50 walking towards an orange car driven by a Caucasian man, but was not seen entering the vehicle. Police investigated convicted murderer Leland Vincent Switzer and searched his Isle Pierre property but no further actions followed the investigation.
Kayla Rose McKay
13 Prince Rupert 2004 (April)
McKay’s body was found 15 April 2004, near the Prince Rupert harbor front on George Hills Way.
 Although RCMP stated that they are confident McKay did not die from murder or suicide, investigators said they were not ruling out the possibility of “criminal involvement” in her death.
Margaret Nooski
89 Fraser Lake 2004 (October)
Was last seen hitchhiking near Fraser Lake when she went missing on the afternoon of Saturday 2 October 2004. She was last seen near the Nautley Road turn-off on Highway 16. A helicopter searched for her on 5 October 2004. She was suffering from dementia and had difficulty walking. RCMP stated that they think she may have been trying to get to Prince George, or she may have headed into the bush in search of her traditional trapping territory.
Melanie Dawn Brown
31 Prince George 2004 (December)
Found deceased in a Prince George basement suite on 8 December 2004. Cause of death was a gunshot wound
Mary Madeline George
? Prince George 2005 (July)
Mary was reportedly walking to a clinic in Prince George when she was last seen on 24 July 2005 at 6pm.[99]
Tamara Lynn Chipman
22 Prince Rupert 2005 (September)
Last seen in Prince Rupert, on 21 September 2005, at about 16:30, while hitchhiking east on Highway 16 near the Rupert Industrial Park. It is believed that Tamara was trying to get back to her home. Chipman lived in Thornhill, BC and was facing assault charges at the time of her disappearance with a promise to appear in Terrace on the same date as her disappearance (court file: 25444). According to Tamara’s father Tom, she was in Prince Rupert visiting friends and her mother; and Tamara hadn’t touched her bank account since September 2005. Tamara was 5’10” tall and 130 lbs. Tamara was known to wear wigs. Tamara was first reported missing by her father in November, 2005, with the Terrace and Rupert RCMP launching a joint investigation on November 15. Search efforts were aided by family, friends and volunteers and involved searching every logging road between Rupert and Terrace. A brief search was also done in Vancouver’s 
Downtown Eastside
Aielah Katherina Saric-Auger
14 Prince George 2006 (February)
The body of Aielah Saric-Auger, 14, was found February 10, 2006 shortly after she went missing on February 2, 2006.[58]
 After going to the mall with her brother and sister, Aielah went to a friend’s house for a sleepover. Overnight, she was spotted walking north, in the 2100 block of Quince Street. Video surveillance shows Aielah walking towards her home and passing the Save-On-Foods gas bar at 100–1600 15th Avenue at around 1 a.m.
 It was reported that she was last seen getting into a black van.
 A motorist found Saric-Auger in a ditch near a turn off on Highway 16 near Tabor Mountain, nearly 20 km (12 mi) east of Prince George.
Beverly Warbrick
 ? Prince George 2007 (June)
Went missing from the 2100 block of Oak Street in Prince George in June 2007.
Bonnie Marie Joseph
32 Vanderhoof 2007 (September)
Bonnie, a mother of five, was last seen in Vanderhoof on the afternoon of 8 September 2007 by her cousin Joanne. Joseph was seen hitchhiking from Vanderhoof to Prince George, where she had a court date the next day. She was nearing the end of a series of court dates to get her children back from the government. She was close to getting her children back and never missed a single court date until 9 September.
 She was reported missing in December 2007 by her aunt Rose Joseph.
 Police say she led a high-risk lifestyle and was known to hitchhike alone between Fort St. James, Vanderhoof and Prince George; thus, Joseph’s case matches all criteria for E-Pana investigation but was not chosen as part of the E-Pana list for unknown reasons. Her family considers her disappearance to be out of character.
 According to her cousin Vanessa Joseph, before Bonnie was reported missing and after she was last seen, her wallet and ID were found near a lake with an un-cashed cheque still in it. It was turned in to the RCMP, who reported this discovery to Bonnie Joseph’s sister Sharon a year later.
Brittany Giese
19 Prince George 2008 (October)
On 7 October 2008 police were alerted by phone to a house on Webber Crescent in Prince George,
 where Brittany Giese and Garrett McComb were found dead.
It was reported in the Globe and Mail that the deaths were gang related
Emmalee Rose Mclean
16 Prince Rupert 2010 (April)
McLean’s body was found by a passerby on the afternoon of Saturday 10 April 2010. Her body was found partially submerged in the Prince Rupert harbour between Northwest Fuels barge and Ocean Royal fish plant. It was reported that McLean was with people the night before when she was last seen alive. It was also reported that “[t]he people she was with that night, … were not people she could trust 100 per cent. Some she could trust, but not all of them..” An autopsy was performed, with preliminary findings indicating cause of death as drowning. Although the police have not called this a homicide, they have stated that they have not ruled out foul play.
Linda Fredin
56 Prince George 2010 (November)
Linda Fredin was trapped in her wheelchair when her home was consumed by fire on 24 November 2010. She was transported to Vancouver General Hospital where she died three days later. Police believe that the crime may have been linked to gang violence.
Madison “Maddy” Geraldine Scott
20 Vanderhoof 2011
Madison was last seen during the early morning hours of 28 May 2011 at Hogsback Lake, 25 km (16 mi) southeast of Vanderhoof. “Maddy” vanished after attending a party at Hogsback Lake with a friend Jordi Bolduc. According to her own testimony, Jordi left Maddy there because Jordi was drunk and injured, and Maddy, already settled in for the night, didn’t want to leave her sleeping bag. Maddy last communicated with others at the party around 4 am and was never heard from again. The next morning Jordi went back to the campsite, but didn’t see Maddy. Jordi reported that she saw that Maddy’s tent door was open and the bedding was pushed to one side. Not thinking much of it, Jordi went to work. More than a day later, Madison’s parents went to check on Madison and reported her missing to the police shortly after discovering her abandoned truck and flattened tent at the lake. Numerous items of value were found on, in and around the truck, which included unopened liquor, gasoline, motorbike equipment, camera and purse. An iPhone 5 with a blue case and a set of keys with a gothic themed lanyard are among some of the items known to be missing. Police said that there was no sign of a struggle and that foul play is suspected.
 ? Telkwa 2011 (November)
In the early morning of 11 November 2011, police and medical first responders were called to a scene at a road in Telkwa, where a woman was found in the middle of a road. The woman had received life-threatening injuries and later died in hospital. Said RCMP spokesperson Dan Moskaluk, “Police are treating the death as possibly being criminal in nature and arrested an adult male who was found at the scene on police arrival.” The man was taken into police custody Friday and released Saturday morning. Moskaluk said the woman and the man knew each other. No charges were laid at the time. The woman’s body was flown to Vancouver for an autopsy. The results of the autopsy were not released to public.
Tara Lee Ann Williams
40 Vanderhoof 2013 (January)
On 13 January 2013, the body of Williams, along with Blaine Albert Barfoot, were found at a home in Vanderhoof, BC. Police suspected foul play and soon after asked public to come forward with any information if anyone had seen someone with recently acquired injuries to their hands or arms (defensive wounds).
Immaculate “Mackie” Mary Basil
26 Tachie 2013 (June)
Mother of a five-year-old son, “Mackie” had recently broken up with the father of the child, her common law husband. Her family described her as a “home body” who didn’t have drug problems. The night she went missing, she was at a house party on Thursday 13 June 2013, a 20-minute walk away from her house in Tachie, she left at midnight. She was last seen after the house party, heading to a cabin in the Leo Creek area, north of Tachie. According to police reports from interviews with the men, Mackie was with two men, one her cousin Keith, and the other a man named Victor in a white truck, heading towards a cabin near Kuzche reserve. They had been drinking and were going to pick up tin. When the truck got stuck after an accident, she separated from the two and headed for the cabin alone. This is what was told to the police by Keith and Victor. Mackie would usually call her sisters every day at 10 am. Her sister, Chrystal became alarmed after a few days of not receiving a call. Mackie was reported missing to the RCMP Monday 17 June 2013 by Chrystal. The RCMP came to Fort St James to file a missing persons report on 18 June 2013. Mackie didn’t bring an extra set of clothes or makeup, which she changed daily, and her family considers her disappearance to be out of character. The police had conducted a polygraph test of both Keith and Victor and reported that both were “cooperative.” A police psychologist also conducted an interview of both men, and reported to the public there was nothing suspicious. Numerous witnesses reported seeing Victor in Tachie at 10 am, 14 June 2013, the day of Mackie’s disappearance, “walking down the road, clothes wet up to his chest.” Mackie went missing one hours drive away by vehicle from Fort St James, at a place called “16 kilometer.” It is not known how Victor got back to Tachie so soon without a vehicle.[145]
Anita Florence Thorne
49 Prince George 2014 (November)
Thorne was reported missing on the evening of Wednesday 19 November 2014, at 8:15 PM. She was last seen that morning, at SuperSave Gas at 950 Victoria Street, then at a nearby Tim Horton’s. RCMP found her car midday of the 20th at the turn off to Willow River, 30 km away from where she was last seen. Her purse was inside the unlocked vehicle, and visible, with nothing apparently missing. She is believed to have her keys, cigarettes, lighter and cell phone (which had gone unanswered when called) in her possession. Anita was wearing a white hoodie with a black puffy vest, and with her brown hair up in a bun. She is Caucasian 157 cm (5’2″) tall, weighing 66 kg (145 lbs), with brown eyes and brown shoulder length hair. Numerous people described her as someone who would “give the shirt off her back” to help someone in need.
Roberta (Robin) Marie Sims
55 Prince George 2017 (May)
Sims, 55, was last seen by numerous witnesses on Saturday 6 May 2017. She was seen near her home at 3015–3rd Ave. across from Central Fort George Traditional School. She may have also been seen at the BX Pub at Fifth and Carney and the Spruceland CIBC bank around the time she went missing, RCMP said. Sims was reported missing on Sunday 14 May 2017. RCMP stated that they believe Sims’ vehicle was used in her murder.
Frances Brown
53 Smithers 2017 (October)
Frances was last seen on Saturday 14 October 2017 while out mushroom picking north of Smithers, in the Kitseguecla Rd area. The RCMP suspended its wilderness search effort on 21 October 2017, about nightfall. Nineteen search and rescue crews from around the province were called in, alongside RCMP and local volunteers, to make up what was the largest search operation in the region in years. Evidence of a campfire was discovered early on in the search, but rain and snow hampered the effort. Frances was raised by a trapper and described by family as an experienced back country explorer who spent decades searching for mushrooms in difficult terrain. She was prepared with adequate clothing (rain gear, long johns, hiking boots) and had a lighter. She is deaf in one ear.
Chantelle Catherine Simpson
34 Terrace 2018
Chantelle was last seen alive in Telkwa on Wednesday, 4 July 2018. Her abandoned car was located on 5 July by RCMP near a gravel pit on Gossen Creek Street in Terrace. A missing person’s bulletin was released by the RCMP on 7 July 2018. Her body was spotted in the Skeena River by a CN conductor. Her body was recovered by Terrace Search and Rescue on 22 July 2018 and identified by tattoos. Exact cause of death is not yet public knowledge.
Jessica Patrick (Balczer)
18 Smithers 2018 (September)
Patrick was last seen at the Smithers McDonald’s or the Mountainview Motel, early 31 August 2018.
 Jessica was reported missing on 3 September and an RCMP news release was put out three days later on 6 September.
 News of her death was released on 16 September 2018, before police officially released identity of human remains found.
 RCMP officially released the identity of the remains found on 21 September 2018.
 According to RCMP, the body was found on Hudson Bay Mountain Road, at a large pull-out, about 15 metres down a steep bank on Saturday, 15 September 2018
Cynthia Martin
50 Hazelton 2018 (December)
Last seen 23 December 2018 at about 9:00 PM. Family and friends consider her disappearance to be out of character, though RCMP said there was nothing to indicate foul play. The vehicle she was last seen driving was found locked near the Hagwilget Bridge, near Hazelton. Members of Smither’s-based Bulkley Valley Search and Rescue carried out an air search over the area on 25 December 2018, with helicopter assistance, but didn’t find any trace of Martin.
 Cynthia’s remains found May 1, 2022. Identified August 9, 2022. 
Laureen Campbell Fabian
69 Houston 2019 (October)
Laureen left her home on foot for a walk around noon on October 28, 2019. She was missing from around the Buck Flats area, south of Houston. A search followed that involved SAR ground crews from other Smithers and Terrace, RCMP canine units, a plane and an RCMP helicopter. No trace was found and the search was called off on November 2, 2019. Described as a Caucasian woman 5 ft 4 in (163 cm), 143 lbs (65 kg), brown hair, brown eyes. RCMP have also requested dash cam footage from anyone who was in the Buck Flats area between 10 am and 6 pm that day. RCMP said that they don’t believe foul play is suspected, indicating that they are considering the possibility she left town, but haven’t publicly stated why they have come to this conclusion. RCMP file #2019–2391.

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